SAVITRI GROUP started out in the Rice milling industry with a modest initial capacity of producing 2 tons per hour and is now capable of crushing paddy to 350 tons/day with its latest state of art plants located in various locations at Raichur, Karnataka.
Products & Brands

Quality means degree of excellence in products & services. It is determined by its ability to produce a desired end product. Product should delight the consumer, so quality is a dynamic system.

Quality at SAVITRI GROUP means providing a degree of excellence in product and service, which is determined by highly experienced and technically qualified staff and their ability to produce world class best of processed grains at their own state of art plants, within a dynamically balanced system of quality management strictly keeping in mind the values of quality, quantity & hygienically packed grains at an affordable price.

The prime variety of rice is SonaMasuri. It is one of the superfine qualities cultivated and preferred by South Indians and some parts of North India. Its natural taste and flavor have made it widely acclaimed all over country & abroad.

The other varieties are HMT, Sri Ram Sona, BT, IR 64, Emergency, JJL, Sirla, 1001 etc all these are manufactured in form of RAW, STEAM & BOILED.
The super fine rice with its nutrient values intact are packed in standard size packing of1 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg & 50 kg for wholesale and retail markets where the packaging is done at high hygienic levels.

Appreciated for its purity & superfine quality now SAVITRI GROUP brands are now packed in 5 kg, which will hit the market very soon.
With all these features, all these varieties of rice, it is being exported to AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, SINGAPORE & MALAYSIA through merchant exporters.
In addition to rice as its major product, SAVITRI GROUP is now concentrating on its byproducts such as Rice Rawa, IdliRawa, Rice flour, Rice Noodles, Bran Biscuits, Bran oil, Husk power Generation plants, etc.

All these works are presently carried out at R & D department of SAVITRI GROUP